Sand-, Vacuum- and Lost Foam Casting

At our production facility in Gaomi (China), we produce customized products in the traditional sand- and vacuum casting process. For complex components in small series, we offer to our clients the high economical production technology of “lost foam casting”. During the lost foam casting, we are using a model made of EPS (Styrofoam), which vaporizes by melting. The casting tolerances are two-third lower compared to the classic sand casting and your engineers have more design options.

Product details

Grey cast iron and spheroidal graphite iron (ductile) are our main raw materials, but we are casting also in steel, stainless-steel and aluminum.


Disamatic horizontal and vertical, vacuum casting machine, lost foam casting, automatic powder coating.


30.000 tons Disamatic (2x), 5.000 tons vaccum casting, 5.000 tons lost foam casting.


Fittings, valves, casting products for construction work, pumps, lighting, vehicle-technique, electrical engineering, components for machines etc.

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